Relaxed Parent, Relaxed child.

May 9, 2011 § 6 Comments

If any of you follow me on twitter you may have seen the countdown to the birth of my cousin’s baby (early April), she was about 7 days overdue but after endless attempts to get the labour going she finally had a baby girl.

Now at the baby shower her friends threw for her 6 weeks prior to her little girl arriving we all warned her that the first two weeks would be the hardest in terms of sleep deprivation, however the reality was proving a little too much for her. One morning last week I awoke to a text that had been sent at approx. 3am that morning. ‘Help, I’m suffering here.’ At this point I hadn’t managed to see the newest addition to the family and after speaking to my cousin, it was clear that the lack of sleep was getting to her, she sounded highly stressed. Although she has no difficulty with breastfeeding, settling baby N her had become somewhat of an issue, as baby N was quite a windy baby, and so after a night time feed would burp and then nod off in her mummy’s arms only to awake 2 mins later after being placed in her moses basket. Now my cousin is very organised regimented and ambitious I knew she would be a little out of her comfort zone with a new baby (My cousin is going to murder me when she reads this blog)

I explained to her that she needed to relax a little and to try and rest as much as possible during the day (when baby N would sleep blissfully for hours till her next feed in her moses basket or rocker). We had recommended using Infacol to help with the wind and colic which my cousin quickly dismissed. Then my mum recommended a little baby massage and she offered to demonstrate some techniques when we came for a visit.

After a few more fretful phone calls to me and my mother (who’s a health visitor by the way) we went round to see our newest family member.  My mum having trained in baby massage demonstrated a few massage techniques to relax the baby and to aid digestion and hopefully encourage sleep. During the demonstration not only did Baby N visibly relax but so did my cousin, there were seven of us there in total, her mum (my aunt) my mum, myself her husband, his mother (who is retired midwife) and the kids. Any who you could see my cousin visibly relax too, as she asked questions of us ‘baby experts’ and got answers that she was happy with her, mood shifted her expression softened and so did  the atmosphere (when my cousin n is annoyed stressed out or generally not happy, we know about it).

Now I know sleep deprivation can turn the nicest of persons, into  monsters but I have always noticed in my many years of working with babies and their parents, that relaxed  flexible easy going parents tend to have relaxed easy going children. Coincidence? Er No!

Anyway we left my cousins as the bedtime routine was about to kick in. The next morning I received a text from my lovely cousin ‘Baby N slept for two 3 hour stretches last night I finally managed to get some sleep, I feel human again!!’

Such a relief to hear! The opportunity to relax for both mummy and baby helped to make night time much less stressful.

So new mummies please I know this may sound ludicrous, given the circumstance but please try to relax as much as possible it may just make life with your new baby that little bit easier……

I found this article when doing a little background research for this post.


§ 6 Responses to Relaxed Parent, Relaxed child.

  • Great first blog looking forward to reading more! x

  • Good to read your first post. I remember the sleep depravation well as my little one adapted to life away from the neo-natal ward! Undead, zombified, overly emotional, aye… a delightful time! Glad that your cousin is getting a little bit of relief through the massage. It’s just a case of trying things until you find something that works isn’t it?

    Look forward to reading your next post 🙂 xX

  • Now here is a blog I will be following with interest, number 2 on the way and I mustn’t remember the sleep deprivation too well as I am doing it again!

  • Emma says:

    My little girl is 5 weeks old so we’re still in the middle of sleep deprivation (although she is starting to get a bit of a pattern so we are getting a bit of sleep!). I love massaging her and I truly think it’s helping both her and I to relax.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  • mum2babyinsomniac says:

    Great first post 🙂 I could do with a team like you and your mum coming round to help me right now! I wish I had started massaging my LO earlier, she is 6m now and she hates it!

  • Mama-andmore says:

    Congrats on your first post, very interesting, I remember the sleep deprivation and windy baby early days too well! So isolating as well nYour support will be invaluable to your cousin. Look forward to reading your next post.

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